Medal Of Honor Set up

Step: 1 Downloads needed

  1. Start by Downloading Medal Of Honor (The Revival Edition) Here (MEGA Download Don’t anything else to your computer- IT WILL ASK)
  2. Download Freeze tag Mod Here

Step: 2 Revival Edition Installation

Locate Revival Edition download and install it.

Step: 3 Alt Tab out of the game

Go to the proper folder and edit maintt/configs/unnamedsoldier.cfg with notepad.
On the bottom of the text add this lines:
seta developer “1”

Step: 4 Freeze Tag Mod

There are currently 2 versions available for download. One is for all Allied
Assault, Spearhead, and Breakthrough stock maps, and the other is for a set
of custom maps. You can look inside the custom map pk3 file with WinZip to
see the list of all custom maps that are set up.

user-mefy-extgametypes-1_2_2-STOCKMAPS.pk3 (for all stock maps)
user-mefy-extgametypes-1_2_2-CUSTOMMAPS.pk3 (for custom maps)

You must put the pk3 file you choose in the correct location.

For Allied Assault, place the pk3 file in your MOHAA/main directory.
For Spearhead, place the pk3 in your MOHAA/mainta directory.
For Breakthrough, place the pk3 in your MOHAA/maintt directory.

Server Info

Server Name: Trust-Co Freeze-Tag Server

Server IP:

Restart Every 6 hours Stating @ 12:00 AM | 6:00 AM | 12:00 PM | 6:00 PM 


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